Low Creep Refractory Fire Bricks Bauxite Chamotte Clay Fire Bricks

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Product Name: Refractory Clay Bricks Material: Bauxite Chamotte
Shape: Various Color: Brown
Bulk Density: 2.2 Efractoriness: 1450


Low Creep Clay Bricks With Bauxite Chamotte Difefrent Al2O3 Conten Various Shapes



Low Creep Clay brick was produced with special bauxite chamotte, adding aragonite or ZrO2 and pressing under high pressure based on a certain ratio. It has strong Anti-stirping as well as strong resistance to K, NA, S ,CL, low thermal conductivity, which is the ideal material for the transition zone and decomposing zone for cement kiln.


1. High refractoriness.

2. Good spalling resistance and wear resistance.

3. Good corrosion resistance.

4. Good thermal shock resistance.

5. High mechanical strength.

6. High-temperature creep rate is low.

Application Idustry:

Low Creep Refractory Fire Bricks , Bauxite Chamotte Clay Fire Bricks

Physical and chemical index:

Iterms Low Creep Clay Brick
AL2O3 42-53
Fe2O3% (≤) 1.6
Refractoriness(SK) 2.2
Refractoriness under load, 0.2MPa, °C (≥) 1450
Apparent porosity (%) (≤) 17
Bulk density (g/cm³) 2.2
Cold crushing strength ,MPa (≥) 40

About Our Company:

Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co., Ltd, located in the beautiful Xinmi CIty,Henan Province with rich refractory materials. Established in the early 90s of twenty century, with continuous innovation and development, now we are a comprehensive enterprise producing refractory in metallurgy, electirc power, building materials, chemical industry, glass, non-ferrous metals, ect. There are more than 180 staffs, including 20 professional technicians. We have 3 automatic production lines for shaped, unshaped and insulating refractory materials.

Low Creep Refractory Fire Bricks , Bauxite Chamotte Clay Fire Bricks

Customer visit:

Low Creep Refractory Fire Bricks , Bauxite Chamotte Clay Fire Bricks



Q1: Is your Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory a manufacturer or trader?

      A1: Manufacturer, some time we help our clients to purchase relevant products as a trader.

Q2: What’s the MOQ?

      A2. No limitation.

Q3: How can we go to your Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory factory for visiting?

      A3: (1). By Air: Zhengzhou International Airport

            (2). By Fast Train: from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou, around 6 hours

                                       from Shanghai to Zhengzhou, around 5 hours

                                       from Beijing to Zhengzhou, around 3 hours

Q4: What’s the proportion of abroad business?

       A4: Abroad market around 35%; Domestic market around 65%; and now export proportion is increasing.

Q5: Does your Zhengzhou Rongsheng Refractory provide turn-key projects?

      A5: Yes, we already finished several turn-key projects at home and abroad.

Q6: Does your Zhengzhou Ronghseng Refractory supply samples?

      A6: Yes, we can supply samples for free, and the freight will be undertaken by clients.